Santa’s Nice List: Texas Edition

Santa’s Nice List: Texas Edition

It’s that time of year when we all love to compile our “Naughty and Nice” lists. Well, we decided to spread a little positivity and get the ball rolling with just the Nice part… feel free to add your own (and if you have any Naughty items keep it clean and respectful!) 🎄

Multiple COVID Vaccines Developed In Record Time Thanks To Operation Warp Speed, Streamlined Regulations

The speed in which multiple COVID vaccines were developed this year will go down in history as a case study of the power of free-market innovation, once unbridled by overly burdensome regulations.

With any luck, these lessons in limited government will remain long after the coronavirus fades into history.

Record-Breaking Voter Turnout In Texas

This year more Texans voted early (by mail or in-person) than the total number of voters in 2016!

New Texans: 2020 Marked An Exodus To Texas, As Businesses & Business Leaders Fled High Taxes & Overbearing Governments for The Lone Star State

2020 was a big year for Texas, as our state welcomed a laundry list of new arrivals, including tech giants Oracle and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), as well as titans of industry and innovation, Elon Musk and Jon Lonsdale, among others.

Even world-renowned podcaster and comedian, Joe Rogan, packed up and moved to The Lone Star State this year!

Does It Get Any More Texan Than This?

In March of this year, at the height of the panic-buying induced by the ever-breaking news of the coronavirus, a New Braunfels Whataburger made headlines for feeding the staff of their neighborhood HEB, marking one of the most heart-warming and utterly Texan stories of the year. (Image Source)

Margaritas To-Go!

Earlier this year, in an effort to alleviate some of the burden of our state’s coronavirus lockdowns, Governor Abbott granted temporary waivers to qualifying bars and restaurants to begin selling mixed drinks to-go.

Hopefully, this no-brainer temporary waiver will eventually become permanent and earn its place as one of the few silver linings of 2020.